Portable Oxygen Cylinder is an essential and convenient solution for your medical oxygen needs in Bangladesh. Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh, normally a 2,000 liter oxygen cylinder is generally available in BD which price between Tk 8,000 to Tk 25,000, Price vary based on LPM and brand such as Linde and others chinese Brands.

Can I buy an oxygen cylinder?
To purchase it, please call us or visit our Physical or Online Store.
What is the expiry date of oxygen cylinders?
Medical Oxygen has a limited shelf life of 3 years and therefore should be refilled before it expires.
How long will a 10 Litre oxygen cylinder last?
1 litre/min 680 minutes 11 hrs 20 minutes 2 litre/min 340 minutes 5 hrs 40 minutes 3 litres/min 226 minutes 3 hrs 46 minutes 4 litres/min 170 minutes 2 hrs 50 minutes 5 litres/min 136 minutes 2hrs 16 minutes 8 litres/min 85 minutes 1 hr 25 minutes 10 litres/ min 68 minutes 1 hr 8 minutes 15 litres/ min 44 minutes.
Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD is lowest and quick delivery, We sell oxygen cylinders with affordable prices in all of Bangladesh. Call us to purchase directly for quality oxygen cylinders.
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