Oxygen cylinders are used to store oxygen. It’s used to supply oxygen to lung patients and those with low blood oxygen level in hospital. Again, divers around the world, including Bangladesh, use oxygen cylinder to keep their breathing under water. Also, special oxygen cylinder is used in industrial work.

What type of oxygen tank is used in Bangladesh?

Oxygen cylinders made of steel and aluminum are generally used in medical facilities in Bangladesh. Its made of aluminum are relatively light and can be easily carried. However, both cylinders contain 99.5% pure oxygen suitable for hospital use. Again, many oxygen Tanks are small in size hence known as mini cylinder and portable oxygen tank. Industrial oxygen cylinders, on the other hand, contain less than 90% pure oxygen and are only suitable for industrial use.

When should the oxygen tank be used?

Oxygen cylinder should not be used without the advice of a registered doctor. The blood oxygen content of the patient’s body can be determined through a special pulse oximeter. This device measures the body’s oxygen saturation or SPO2. If the SPO2 level is below 95 to 92 percent, the doctor will suggest using an oxygen cylinder. In that case oxygen cylinder should be used as per doctor’s advice.

What to look for before buying an oxygen cylinder?

Before buying an oxygen cylinder, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Oxygen tank should be selected as per doctor’s advice.
  • How many liters of oxygen will be required per minute or purchased in LPM.
  • The drug license number of the oxygen manufacturing company must be checked and purchased. This is because all oxygen produced for human consumption has a drug license number from the manufacturer. On the other hand, industrially used oxygen cylinder does not have the drug license number of the manufacturer.
  • Oxygen should be purchased after production period.
  • Buy canola or oxygen mask as per requirement.
  • If the oxygen cylinder is to be used only in emergency, then try to buy a portable or mini oxygen cylinder. So, it will be easy to carry anywhere.
How to use it?

Its plays a role in saving people’s lives through oxygen therapy. But, if the oxygen cylinder is not used properly, the patient’s condition can become more serious. So must know the correct rules of using oxygen cylinder. The correct rules for using oxygen cylinder are as follows:

  • Turn on the oxygen tank valve by hand. However, you can use a wrench if necessary.
  • Check the oxygen pressure meter to verify that there is sufficient oxygen in the oxygen jar.
  • Adjust the oxygen flow through the oxygen flow-regulator knob and bring it to the flow rate prescribed by the physician.
  • Attach the nasal cannula or oxygen mask to the patient’s mouth.
Precautions in the use of oxygen Tank
  • As oxygen cylinders are useful for humans, carelessness in their use can lead to severe diseases or life-threatening accident. Some things must be careful. For example:
  • The tubes should be cleaned regularly. If its tubes are not cleaned regularly, they can harbor harmful bacteria and fungi that can be the source of serious infectious diseases.
  • Oxygen is a flammable substance and can easily explode when exposed to heaters and flames. Therefore, nothing like a flame can be taken near it. Avoid smoking even around the tank.
  • Do not use perfumes, aerosols, petroleum products, and oil based products while using oxygen.
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