The AirMini™ AutoSet by ResMed is the smallest, most lightweight travel CPAP machine available today. The AirMini doesn’t just stop at being small – it’s also one of the quietest, most powerful, and most user friendly CPAP machines on the market.

Compact and Convenient

Traveling with your CPAP machine can be tough. In fact, one of the biggest things people hate about their CPAP is how inconvenient it is to lug around a bulky machine while they are on the go. Now with the Airmini, you can carry your CPAP therapy where ever you go with incredible ease. The AirMini is a mere 0.66 pounds and has dimensions of 5.4 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches. HumidX waterless humidification technology eliminates the need to find distilled water to fill your humidifier tub when you’re away from home.

Powerful and Quiet

Although tiny, the AirMini packs quite the therapeutic punch. The AirMini is an Auto CPAP, which means that it will automatically adjust the pressure on a moment by moment basis based on your breathing. The pressure will be high enough to clear your airway when you need it, but low enough to let you sleep comfortably when you’re breathing normally. The AirMini also has several built in comfort features, such as AutoRamp™, Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) and SmartStart™. In addition, the AirMini is as quiet as the Airsense 10 AutoSet, one of the quietest CPAP machines ever made.

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