Anti Snoring Chin Strap

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Adjustable Anti Snoring Chin Strap – Snore Stopper Sleep Aid


The Anti Snoring Chin Strap helps stop mouth leaks while on CPAP. The Efficacy of a Chinstrap in Treating Sleep Disordered Breathing and Snoring.

  • Soft, pliable material keeps you comfortable all night long
  • For use with a nasal CPAP mask to prevent mouth leaks
  • Hook and loop attachment system for strap behind the head
  • Instant Stop Snoring Solution
  • Natural Snore Relief
The chin strap is the perfect treatment for open-mouthed snorers

The SleepPro stop snoring Chin Support Strap is a specialized treatment for open-mouthed snoring and is a well-proven solution to minimize the problem of mouth dryness during sleep. When you have the facial chin strap on, you can sleep peacefully and without any unnecessary discomfort or pain. This anti-snore chin strap is designed for easy use and has an easily adjustable, modern sleek design.

The snoring chin strap is simple to use and fits in seconds

Wrapping around the chin and the top and back of the head, the anti-snore chin strap ensures that the mouth of the person snoring remains closed all night while the strap remains neatly in place. The one-piece, two-strap design ensures maximum comfort, whilst firmly remaining in position throughout the duration of your sleep.

The chin strap for snoring is affordable, long-lasting, and after a few nights of use, most snorers report that they do not even notice wearing it. This device offers an instantaneous, non-invasive remedy for snorers, and with its fully adjustable function, it can be worn by anyone and is super easy to put on. The strap fits straight on to your head with minimal effort.

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Anti Snoring Chin Strap – Snore Stopper Sleep Aid 

Anti Snoring Chin Strap

৳ 650.00

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