DreamWear Nasal Mask Frame

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Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal Mask Frame | The DreamWear CPAP mask’s soft frame directs airflow through two silicone tubes to join at the nasal cushion. Because the frame is soft it adapts naturally to facial contours without pinching or pressure points; and it will accommodate almost any sleeping position.


The DreamWear Frame is a lightweight nasal mask with an under the nose pillow, designed to provide all the benefits of both mask types. The comfort level is supreme and it rarely ever becomes dislodged or unsealed. The air flows from the top down the hollow sides of the mask into the opening.

Replacement frame for the Respironics DreamWear Nasal, Nasal Pillow, and Full Face Mask.  The medium size fits 85% of our patients.

The Frame is available in 3 sizes

Small #1116745  (19 inches in length)

Medium #1116746  (20 inches in length)

Large #1116747  (22 inches in length)

The frame size is equivalent to the distance around the head from one side of the nose to the other. Follow these steps to determine the appropriate frame size: Begin by placing the measuring tape marker at the base of the nose on one side. Use the tape to follow along the side of the cheek and upward over the top of the head. Keep pulling the tape measure around the face, down the other cheek, and to the base of the nose on the opposite side.

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Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal Mask Frame

DreamWear Nasal Mask Frame

৳ 5,500.00

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