Oxygen Concentrator

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Longfian JAY-5AW/5BW Home Care Portable Oxygen Concentrator with PSA technology to make oxygen, 0-5L/Min oxygen concentrator, provide is classified into the ordinary type and the low-noise type. Our oxygen concentrating machine is energy-saving and safe to use. Low purity alarm/ low flow alarm, nebulizer or pulse oximeter function for your selection.


5 Liter Oxygen Concentrators offer medium oxygen flow and are the staple for home oxygen therapy, delivering adequate oxygen flow for over 90% of SPo2. Normal saturation of the hemoglobin (SpO2) is at 95 to 98%. Acceptable oxygen saturation is at 90%.

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that gives you extra oxygen. Your doctor may prescribe one for you if you have a health condition that causes your SPO2 level to drop too low. It can help some people who have trouble breathing due to conditions like; Asthma, Lung cancer, COPD, The flu & COVID-19.

Who needs a concentrator?

Everyone has to breathe air to live a healthy life. So if someone has lung disease or other medical conditions that make it difficult to breathe from the air.

How long can it supply ?

The Concentrator is different from canned and never runs out of oxygen because it filters out carbon dioxide, nitrogen and delivers only oxygenated pure air. It requires electricity to run.

Do I need a prescription?

Yes, a doctor’s prescription is required to use the concentrator effectively. Otherwise it can be harmful without being beneficial. It can supply at different levels so the patient will get O2 as per the doctor’s advice.

Model JAY-5AW/5BW
Flow rate 0-5LPM
Purity 93±3%
Outlet Pressure (Mpa) 0.04-0.07
Sound Level ≤43db
Power AC220V, 50Hz
Power Consumption ≤380W
Alarm Power failure alarm, High&Low pressure alarm,Temperature alarm
LCD display Operating pressure, Present Working Time, Accumulating Time, presetting Time from 10mins to 40hours
Optional Nebulizer,SPO2,Low purity alarm, Low flow alarm
Net Weight 22Kgs
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Longfian JAY-5BW Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

Oxygen Concentrator

৳ 45,000.00

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