Portable Oxygen Concentrator is low cost and high efficiency and can be used at any time, when they go out for activities, travel or emergencies. The Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator is for prescription use by patients requiring high concentrations of oxygen on a supplemental basis. it is small, portable and is capable of continuous use in the home, institutional, and travel/mobile environments.

Pinon Medical Equipment is best Seller for mini Oxygen in Bangladesh. We can help you choose which of our portable oxygen concentrator models best fits your life, your needs and your budget.

What are the benefits?

For many people, using an oxygen tank or home oxygen concentrator works just fine. All the same, there are a couple of benefits to using a POC:

  • It’s portable. POCs are smaller and more lightweight than oxygen tanks or home oxygen concentrators. This makes them easier to take with you outside of the home.

  • No more oxygen refills. You don’t need to refill POCs with oxygen. It pulls all the oxygen it needs from the air around you. Some people find this more convenient than a classic oxygen tank.


  1. Upgraded pulse flow setting 1-5
  2. Mini size and light weight at only 1.9kgs
  3. Easy-to-remove external battery
  4. With a strong, comfortable shoulder bag
  5. Delivers uninterrupted oxygen 24/7
  6. With rechargeable battery up to 4 hours
Model JAY-1000P
Pulse Flow Five pulse dose settings
Oxygen Concentration 93% (+/-3%)
Sound Level <=38dB
Alarms No breath; low battery; high temperature
Net Weight 1.9kgs (including battery)
Dimension 183*86*199mm
Battery Single battery up
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Portable Oxygen Concentrator

৳ 120,000.00

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