VentMed Auto CPAP Machine

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This VentMed DF-20A-H Auto CPAP machine is a non-invasive ventilation support system suitable for adult patients with sleep apnea & hypoventilation symptoms. The VentMed Respiratory system is an Automated adjusted sleep apnea device designed for the treatment of adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)/Hhypopnea/Snoring.

It features a 3.5″ color screen, EPR, and Auto Ramp for comfortable therapy, auto air leakage compensation, and integrated heated humidification.

Features of Ventmed Auto CPAP machine:

2. Showing airflow and pressure waves on the screen.

3. TF card for data communication.

4. Combined smart technologies.

5. Contemporary and stylish design for bedroom appeal.

6. EPR(expiratory pressure relief).

7. Auto-Leak Compensation.

8. Auto-Altitude compensation.

9. Alarm for cut down the power.

10. Independent airflow channel.

11. Huge display, 3.5″ TFT Screen, show airflow and pressure on the screen.

12. Parameters lock: all the parameters cannot be changed after setting.

Specification of CPAP machine:
Product Model DF-20A-HM
Work mode CPAP,  AUTO
Expiratory pressure 4cmH2O-20cmH2O
Inspiratory pressure 4cmH2O-20cmH2O
Tubing heating function Yes
Mobile network Yes
Data cloud platform Yes
Ramp time 0-60min
Noise noise<29dB under 10cmH20 pressure
Data storage TF card
Screen (inch) 3.5 inch color display
Heating tubing temperature 10ºC-30ºC adjustable, step 1ºC
Humidifier adjustment heating and humidification, level 1-5 adjustable
Heating module preheating heat according to the setter temperature
Flight mode the device will turn off the mobile network signal transceiver and cannot received or transmit signals
Alarm mask fall off alarm, asphyxia alarm, pressure abnormality, tubing abnormality
Bluetooth connectable to pulse oximeter
Weight 1.7KGS
Size 266.8*172.5*118.5mm
Power 100-240V~50/60Hz  1.5A Max
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VentMed DF-20A-H Auto CPAP Machine,

VentMed Auto CPAP Machine

৳ 65,000.00

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